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Trying it again on Pancake Day

Technically, if you’re British like me, you’d think about something to give up on for Lent as of tomorrow as you enjoy pancakes for dinner. I did the latter, and have already decided I’m giving up on cakes and desserts (aside dark chocolate and cereal bars, otherwise I would die), however, I’m taking this opportunity, being the beginning of March, and the beginning of spring, to try and pick up on a bunch of things, as well as giving something up. Yes, New Year’s resolutions of 2017 didn’t happen, so allow me try again.

Giving up on desserts and cakes should help me with my resolution of losing weight and getting into shape, as I’m at my heaviest in my life since I started checking the scales, and my skin is echoing my continued bad diet. Definitely going to start my exercise regime tomorrow, too.

Meanwhile, big news in my life now is that I am now a proud owner of an adorable cat. It was only supposed to be temporary, as I’d volunteered to look after sick cats until they were well enough to find new owners, but after a month of caring this kitten into health, I fell in love with him, and I just couldn’t say good bye. I’ll make another post on how I volunteered, and the system behind looking after sick cats temporarily some other time.

So I end this personal motivation post with a darling photo of my “Remy,” and will begin to prepare some content for my continuing dying blog.


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