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This is my personal blog where I post about what I love – fashion, beauty, and food. Due to my background, I write this blog in two languages – English and Japanese.

I post many photo-based entries based on fashion, such as outfits and photo-shoots, and also pictures from my travels, general days out in the city, and eating out. As I aim to live a healthy and ethical lifeI post up recommendations and reviews of fair trade and cruelty free beauty products I use, as well as occasional vegan and vegetarian food options. Please note that I am not 100% vegan. You can read more about my stance on vegan-ism and being ethical here.



To navigate around the Blog, you can use the main categories found at the top of the page, click on the tags on the right, or simply scroll through the entries as they are in chronological order.

  • Beauty   From cosmetic reviews to haircuts
  • Looks   Pictures of my outfits, amateur photoshoots, and posts related to ethical fashion
  • Food   Pictures of cafes and restaurants I’ve visited, and ethical food products that I’ve tried
  • Lifestyle   Pictures from trips overseas and within Japan, and some personal posts
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My Pegasus Sky

I named this Blog, ‘My Pegasus Sky’, from the fact that in the Japanese ‘animal horoscopes‘, I am a Pegasus. I’m not a particularly keen horoscope follower, but I felt that the Pegasus sign fitted me almost perfectly. Some of the traits of a pegasus is that they hate to be restricted and prefer to fly free in the sky, can disappear suddenly if they get bored of their environment, are true to their own feelings, love extravagance, and are difficult to figure out.