Trying it again on Pancake Day

Technically, if you’re British like me, you’d think about something to give up on for Lent as of tomorrow as you enjoy pancakes for dinner. I did the latter, and have already decided I’m giving up on cakes and desserts (aside dark chocolate and cereal bars, otherwise I would die), however, I’m taking this opportunity, … Continue Reading

Throwback Thursday : Kumano Kodo

When I visited the ‘Kumano Kodo’ World Heritage site in Wakayama prefecture, 3rd May 2014. 2014年の5月3日、和歌山県の世界遺産、熊野古道に行った時の写真です。 The lovely bento (lunch pack) that we had, which my friend, who is a tour guide at the site, ordered for us from a nearby store. 友人がガイドさんをしていて、近くのお店で注文し、こんな素敵なお弁当を用意していただきました。    Coffee at one of the rest spots during the trail, which … Continue Reading

First post, and resolutions of 2017

(日本語は英語の下にあります↓) After shamelessly owning this domain for over a year, I’ve finally got myself into gear, and got this Blog up and running! And what better way to start it off than with some resolutions for 2017? Resolutions of 2017 Lose weight and get toned (make exercise regime, join a gym) Buy less items, organise … Continue Reading