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Looks Photoshoots

Glass Pyramid ‘Moere Park’ Shoot

  I realise that these are quite old now, but as it was my first proper photo shoot, I wanted to put them up. I did this with cameraman Kazunori Hasegawa, at Moerenuma Park in Sapporo, Hokkaido in February 2016. もう結構前のことになってしまいますが、はじめてのちゃんとしたモデル撮影だったので、載せさせていただきます。2016年2月に、札幌のモエレ沼公園で、カメラマン  ...

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Beauty Body

L’occitane shea butter hand cream

For my first recommendation of cosmetics that I use, I would like to share with you, one of my favourite products for over the past 5 years – the shea butter hand cream by l’occitane. 初のお勧めの化粧品として紹介したいのは、5年以上愛用している、ロクシタンのシアハンドクリームです。 I have dry skin in general, and due to constant  ...

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Photo taken at Bournemouth, U.K.
Diary Lifestyle

6 months since resolutions of 2017

Now that we’ve entered the middle of the year, I’ve decided to look back at the resolutions that I made in January and review them. もう半年経ってしまったので、1月に作った 2017 の目標を振り返ることにしました。 Resolutions of 2017 Key: ✓ = kept, (✓) = half kept/in process, ✘ = unkept/not started Lose weight and get  ...

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